About Us

The Malverne Cinema & Art Center was the brainchild of B.S. Moss Theatres and construction began prior to World War II. However, like many building projects of that time, construction was halted due to lack of building supplies available during WWII. The skeleton of steel girders stood in the center of the Village (probably serving as huge monkey bars for the local kids) until shortly after the war. In May of 1947 the Malverne Cinema & Art Center opened with it’s first film “It’s A Wonderful Life” from director Frank Capra.

Today the Malverne Cinema & Art Center has 5 screens and offers Mainstream films, Independent & Foreign films, Private Screenings, Cast and Crew Screenings, Premiers and both private and public parties.

The Stampfel Family took over operations of the Malverne Cinema & Art Center in March of 1990 when the cinema had already been cut into 2 screens.  Noticing the appetite of local movie buffs, the move to expand to 4 screens began in 1996 and the 5th screen in 1997. Through the years The Malverne Cinema & Art Center can boast of hosting 6 magical marriage proposals and 2 fun filled bridal showers as well as countless children and even Adult birthday celebrations. During the Pandemic closure and only when it was safe to do so, the cinema had an additional 2 more marriage proposals and many family reunions.  Tears flowed and hearts were filled as many people hadn’t seen each other for months and months.

Our admission prices are as follows:  $14.00 for Adults, $12.00 for Senior Citizens over the age of 62 and $11.00 for Children under the age of 12. Our Bargain Day is every Wednesday when it is $9.00 per person per movie the entire day!!  Another discount we offer is it’s $12 per person for the first show of the day in each auditorium.

In addition to the Malverne Cinema & Art Center the Stampfel Family also run The Bellmore Movies & The Showplace in Bellmore both of which are in Nassau County Long Island, New York.